How To Use This Site

Thank you for choosing to apply for year of study in Israel using the online joint application.  Below you will find some basic guidelines to help you navigate the site more easily.

This application must be filled out by the applicant and in her name.

You may use this site to apply to as many of the participating programs as you wish.  When you first use the site you will be asked to provide an email address.  Please provide an address that you will check regularly, as the schools you apply to will be using this address to communicate with you. You will not be able to proceed without validating this email - so make sure that you can access your email from this computer, and that any spam filter you have will allow the system's emails through.

You may find contact information for any program by clicking on the seminary's name.

The application is made up of several sections.  You need not complete all the sections at once.  You may save your work in order to return to it a a later time.  

If you do not have the necessary information to complete a mandatory field you may type in the phrase "information not available" in order to complete the field.

You will only be asked which seminaries you wish to apply to at the end of the process.  You may apply to as many programs as you wish, but you must pay the application fee separately to each program.  You may also return to your saved work in order to apply to additional programs at a later date.

In addition to this application, you must arrange to submit the following supporting documentation:

Application Fee:  The application fee is US$100.00 per school that you apply to.  The site will instruct you as to the payment method of each school.

The Application Deadline is Sunday, January 21st 2024, at 23:59

All outside documents may be uploaded onto the site or mailed to the programs to which you are applying.  The letters of recommendation may also be submitted electronically by your referees, as per the instructions on the site.

This site enables you to apply to any number of participating schools.  Any program that you choose to apply to will be automatically updated as to which other schools you have applied to.  If for some reason you do not wish to share this information please use the paper application

We very much prefer to accept your application via this site, but you may still use the paper application.

We look forward to receiving your application!

If you have any technical questions about this application, please contact [email protected]. Non technical questions should be sent to the individual schools, whose contact information can be found on the school list page.